About Us

Established in 2007, our company, 100% All Natural, Inc., had just one vision – simple, all natural beverages. Americans are increasing concerned about maintaining good health and beverages are an essential part of any dietary plan.

Our mission is to offer consumers an outstanding line of refreshing and delicious beverages that are all natural and truly good for you.

Top nutrition and health experts have long recommended natural water to maintain health. 100% All Natural, Inc. is dedicated to making the healthiest beverages. Unlike so many of the beverages on the market today, our SANAVI products all start with 100% Natural Spring Water.

Nothing but natural goodness from the ground up.

Spring water contains a vast array of mineral content derived from the underground rock formations through which it flows. It is this mineral content that not only gives the water its unique taste but it adds to the balance our bodies need to maintain hydration.

With increasing concern over obesity and chronic disease, simplifying our diets with the most healthful beverages can be the first step towards optimizing health. All of our products have been granted the certification mark Nature’s Healthiest®. This strict, third party certification was established by a team of healthcare professionals and evaluates products to ensure that they are made from only the most naturally sourced ingredients and are truly nutritious.

Spring Water is always All Natural with No Calories, No Sodium, No Sugar, No Caffeine, and No Preservatives.….we could not perfect on Mother Nature so we didn’t even try. That’s what you want and your body needs.

Our goals are:

  1. To help busy Americans, confused by so many beverage choices offering a myriad of nutritional benefits, easily select the best beverages for themselves and their families.
  2. To offer as an ideal replacement to unhealthy beverages by offering the first and only full line of beverages that are delicious….
    and good for you.

Learn more about our Sanavi® Sparkling Spring Waters and Spring Waters by visiting our products page.