What do you want to know about SANAVI Organic Flavored Sparkling Spring Waters and SANAVI Natural Electrolyte Spring Water?

Q: What does Sanavi mean?
A: Sanavi is derived from the Latin words for Health and Life.

Q: Are Sanavi Sparkling Waters Certified Organic?
A: Yes, Sanavi is USDA Certified Organic. Our natural flavors are also GMO Free.

Q: What is Nature’s Healthiest® Certification?
A: Nature’s Healthiest® is a certification mark granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that creates a comprehensive approach to give consumers guidance to select foods and beverages that meet a strict set of criteria. This independent, third-party certification has been developed give consumers a better understanding of the foods we consume. Nature’s Healthiest® only allows ingredients that are naturally sourced and are minimally processed while excluding artificial and chemical ingredients and foods that are highly processed. Nature’s Healthiest then goes further than any other certification by evaluating each food against strict nutrition guidelines to ensure consumers that their choice is truly a nutritious one. To learn more visit: www.natureshealthiest.org

Q: Is Spring Water better for you than Purified Water?
A: Yes, natural spring water contains the minerals and electrolytes to hydrate your body. Purified water is highly processed to remove all mineral content. The spring water used in SANAVI Natural Electrolyte Spring Water is sourced deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont and averages the following mineral content:

Q: What are electrolytes?

A: Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals, such as sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. To achieve and maintain adequate hydration, the body also needs a balance of electrolytes.

Q: How are Sanavi Sparkling Spring Waters flavored?
A: All the natural flavors used in the Sanavi Sparkling Spring Waters are extractives from the actual organically grown and certified fruit. Specifically, these extractives are made using minute amounts of oils from within the fruit to highlight both the taste and aroma of the fruit. The flavoring extractives are very concentrated and there are only a few drops in each bottle to give the flavor and aroma to our natural spring water.

Q: Do Sanavi Flavored Sparkling Waters contain any sweeteners?
A: No, Sanavi contains no sugar or high fructose corn syrup which are high in calories, can contribute to weight gain, and can negatively affect health and disease risk. There are also no artificial sweeteners, like aspartame or sucralose, which have been shown to have negative health effects.

Q: Do Sanavi Flavored Sparkling Waters contain anything artificial?
A: No, Sanavi contains no preservatives, artificial colors or additives.

Q: Are the bottles BPA (bisphenol A) Free?
A: Yes.

Q: Are Sanavi beverages Kosher certified?
A: Yes, they are Kosher certified by the OU – Orthodox Union.

Q: What is the date code on Sanavi Sparkling Spring Waters and how long are they good?
A: Sanavi Sparkling Spring Waters are coded with a Julian date of production. As these are natural products the flavor character and intensity as well as the carbonation will very gradually lessen over time. The product is best enjoyed within 6 months but depending on your taste preference may be enjoyed for some months longer. Sanavi is best stored in a cool place away from light and heat to optimize the shelf life.

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