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Some things are worth searching for.

Sanavi Organic Flavored Sparkling Spring Waters & Natural Electrolyte Spring Water are certified-organic with just the right amount of light carbonation, natural flavors, zero calories, and non-GMO, all in BPA free bottles. In other words, if you’ve been searching for the perfect drink, you found it.

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When Sanavi set out to create our sparkling waters, we started by seeking spring water from the mountains of Vermont. We searched far and wide for the very best in organic flavors.

Then we searched for the most important element of all: Balance. The harmony of refreshment and enjoyment. Sparkle and smoothness. Fizz and flavor. And after all of our searching, we hadn’t just found a beverage.

We found perfection.


Sanavi was created to help consumers transition away from sweetened beverages towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Sanavi is now available in over 3500 stores nationwide and we're adding more every day.

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